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ProMarpe is all about being on a journey to wellness. The name, pronounced as ”pro-mar-pay” is derived from two words, ‘Pro’ and ‘Marpe’. Pro means giving support and helping to promote. Marpe is the Hebrew word for healing and health. Promarpe essentially means – supporting and promoting healing and good health. 

ProMarpe is based in Singapore and has been given sole rights to sell Nikken products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia. We carry a select number of Nikken products, including replacement parts, as displayed on this website. For other products, please check with us for availability.

Nikken products feature innovations that set them apart from anything else on the market. They combine traditional wisdom with modern technology and advanced engineering. The result is a product line that represents practical solutions for dealing with life’s everyday challenges. These diverse products and technologies are integrated to operate with each other and provide an environment that actively promotes good health. 

ProMarpe believes in Nikken products, which have been in the Singapore market since 2004. Nikken’s products has benefited countless lives all over the globe and is still creating a positive impact today. 

Impacting Lives

ProMarpe Believes in Nikken

Our Mission

Our Mission

Healthy lifestyles supported by our range of products that promote wellness. 

Our Vision

To see more people enjoying better health in a sustainable manner. 

Our Values

Commitment, Reliability, Positivity, Integrity and Service to others. 

Success Stories

“Waterfall system is easy to set up and to use. Service staff came over to help us install and was very patient in explaining to us how to use it.The new set up is also petite and fits well into our kitchen space.

Water tastes sweeter and smoother after filtration, and no longer has a metallic taste. It is definitely a marked improvement from drinking directly from the tap, and it also gives us a sense of peace that the water we are consuming is without harmful impurities.”

Stephanie Tham

“One particular day I noticed that I was wheezing. However, I didn’t go to the doctor. Later in the evening I was still wheezing off and on and noticed my breathlessness. I shifted my attention back to my work. Around 10pm that night my wheezing still continue but I continue working on my project. Around 12 midnight I could not avoid my abnormal breathing and took some cough medicine. Still no change. So around 2am I woke my daughter and asked her to drive me to hospital and the doctor told me that I was having an asthma attack. I had never experience that before. I was warded into hospital and then put on the ventilator. The asthma specialist came to see me and said I would have to be on the inhaler indefinitely.

On hearing I was hospitalized, a dear friend of mine from Australia phoned me and said, “Jacqueline, are you going to listen to me now?” Margaret said that it sounded that I was dehydrated and recommended that I drink water, quality water which she had been speaking to me.

Seeing the seriousness of what I went through, I immediately found the source where to invest in this water system that Margaret highly recommended. I purchased the Nikken Wellness Home comprising of the water system, air system, sleep system and why not, some of the nutritionals. Within a few days my wheezing had stopped, my triggered thumb of 6 months had straighten out so I could type and write without discomfort, and I was sleeping much better. My investment in Nikken Wellness Home saved my life for sure. It costs but a few dollars a day that would have been thousands or even my life had I not listened to Margaret.”

Jacqueline Seow

“I was looking for an electro magnetic bed to improve my health until a German doctor advised me to consider Nikken mattress which he has been using it for many years and is very much cheaper than other products in the market.

Nikken mattress is indeed a winner. Sleeping on the mattress induced me to a very deep n satisfying sleep. Lying on it for 1 to 2 hours makes me feel as if I have been sleeping for a long time. I feel energized and refreshed sleeping on it.

I would like to thank Willie for his assistance in fulfilling my order and delivery.”

Mr. Kang Oyo Cheow

I find that the Sport Bottle is very useful and practical when rehydration is needed, all I have to do is to fill it up with tap water and drink straight from the spout. This bottle is always with me when I travel, it saves me the trouble of looking for convenience stores and supermarkets to buy bottled water. I can convert tap water from the hotel room into clean and safe drinking water instantly, and it tastes good.”

Soh Weng Sum

“Every Nikken Anniversary is my annual birthday for Nikken products as they have given me a 2nd life to live. I suffered from Stage 3+ cancer on my left breast, and had undergone a left mastectomy and auxiliary clearance in May 2005. I had to undergo aggressive course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy as my condition was very serious.

The Oncology Professor said it was not getting better when the cancer had spread to my bones, muscles, and the nerve in my left shoulder which weaken my strength. My next of kin was advised to keep me as comfortable as possible. With my great Catholic faith and strong belief in Nikken products, I am where I am now, standing tall and in good health. These are my life-saving Nikken Products which I cannot lived without – Sleep Series, Nikken Air Purifier and Optimized PiMag Water (“Water of Life”).

My vital well balanced lifestyle includes the Immunity, Liver Support, Osteodenx, Lactoferrin Gold 1.8, Omega, CiagaV and Jade Greenzymes. The daily use of the KenkoWave, PowerMag, MagCreator, BioBeam has also helped my gained my strength back. The tumor sitting on my shoulder-nerve is stable and is a good sign..”

Margaret Anna Fong

“I was recommended to this health supplement (Lactoferrin) by Mr. Willie Chua when he knew I have some problem with my digestive system. I am a person who is careful about taking other products beside my doctor prescription as my stomach is very sensitive. This time I decided to give it a try. After taking these capsules for the past few weeks, I feel better with my stomach gastritis pain alleviating and it also helps improve my immune system as I do not catch cold easily anymore

Ong Kim Chuan

“In early July 2014, I suffered severe back pain due to an injury I got from lifting my heavy NTUC groceries into the taxi. The pain was excruciating and I couldn’t even walk properly. I had to bend over and I had difficulty turning myself in bed and also getting up from bed too.

My brother insisted I get some help and went ahead to book an appointment with the therapist without my knowledge. Inside the treatment room, I screamed so loud when she pressed on the acupuncture points, and maneuvered my legs and back. Someone outside the treatment room heard my scream and commented that I was in the labour ward. She told me I needed a few sessions to clear but I didn’t go back to her. I continued to use Nikken back wrap, Biobeam 3 times a day.

On the 3rd day or so the pain slowly subsided and went away. I had another episode of back injury again lifting my trolley into the taxi. This time, I only used the Biobeam 3 times a day, Nikken Kenko Flex and Backwrap, with 2 tablets of Osteodenx in the evening, lots of like warm optimized water and wearing the Backwrap to sleep. The pain went away eventually. Thank God, Nikken products are helpful tools..”

Ann Ng

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